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A brief update.

This website honestly deserve more attention but it's old school made and therefore a bitch to update regularly. We therefore advice you all to stay updated on our facebook and instagram (@grahorde) pages for the really fresh news and updates. Today I have gone through all the pages though and updated what was possible. New merch uploaded, created a page for the new album that will be filled in throughout the process so that one is worth checking out now and then. We put all our energy into the new album and will let you know more when we have more info.


Book Grá!

All bookings will from now on go through Heljarmadr Productions.
For requests or offers, please send an e-mail to: We plan to get back out on the road again as soon as we have the new album ready and released (read early 2018). If you would like to take part in that, send an email and you will be contacted with detailed information as soon as the planning reaches actual date proposals.
Many have contacted us the last months through different social media and we encourage you to also send an email so nothing get lost in this transition. Sorry for the inconvenience but this was necessary. We would also like to express that from now on this is the ONLY way to book Grá. There will be no more touring for 2017 but we are always open for single gig suggestions.

Confirmed gigs for 2018:
May 17: Eradication Festival, Cardiff, Wales.


Conclusion, when the music's over... for now...

We would like to send out a massive THANK YOU to all who attended our gigs on the "I See Death Everywhere" tour!!!!!!! To all the guests, the promoters, the engineers, the friends, the drivers, the awesome support bands, everyone who made this possible. We have made a big bunch of new friends and we will make more interesting things in the future!

Anyway, we're now starting the process of recording a brand new album. We have all the demos ready and we will start taping the drums as soon as possible, aimed for a winter release. If it will be on this side of the year or early the next is hard to tell at this point but it will be an album full of surprises, that's for sure! Stay tuned on our social media as we will probably post a lot of shit from the recording process.
Thank you all for your support! Hail Death!



We proudly present to you the "I See Death Everywhere" tour! We will be joined by Ars Veneficium and Asagraum (Asasgraum for the first dates only).
Click on the links to the right for individual event pages, click the poster for larger image.


The new single is finally out!
Check the video below and also the merchandise section about how to order the physical copy, new t-shirts and so on!


A new beginning!

As 2017 comes along, we will move on from the previously Charon-themed releases and give birth to a new era. The new single called "Ramsvarta Tankar" will be released on the 24th of March 2017 by Carnal Records. It marks a new beginning and instead of stagnating by repeating old patterns we develop ourselves and increase in force as the world is heading towards the end.

Together with the new single comes a new and improved full band line-up. We (Heljarmadr, Dimman and Maugrim) are now joined by Natt (ex-Horde of Hel, ex-Dark Funeral, ex-Withershin) on guitars and Vediger (ex-Diabolic Lust, ex-Symphony of Malice) on bass. A new night is born, darker than the night before.

There will be two releaseparties for the new single that will take place in Gothenburg on the 24th of March 2017 and in Stockholm on the 26th of March. Both with Domgĺrd as special guests! Come and join us!

On the release day we will also unveil a lot of brand new merchandise!


A big thank you to all who attended the "A Coin For Charon Tour"! For us it was a great success and we are eager to get back out on the road as soon as possible. The merchandise section is currently unavailable because we need to reload our guns and new items are in the making. Heljarmadr is currently out on tour with Dark Funeral and as soon as he get back there will be news to share with you. Hail Death!


Welcome to the freshly updated official Grá webpage. Check out the merchandise section, brand new items in there!


We are proud to present the "A Coin For Charon Tour 2016"! Six dates of madness through Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Greece.
Click on the posters for full size versions. You can find all the facebook event sites in the right column, click the city name to get straight to the event.

New album out now!


Grá - Ending (Unexploded Records)

"Ending" is the second full lenght album and the last piece in the first era of Grá. The first edition (1000 copies) comes as a 6-panel digipack-CD. Released by Unexploded Records in 2015. Vinyl edition TBA.

I - Väntan
II - Ţar Til Eldurinn Mig Gleypir
III - He Who Comes...
IV - Där Skuggor Dröjer Kvar
V - Ruiner
VI - Helfärd pt.III (den gamle)
VII - I Döden
VIII - Fri
IX - Ending

This album was recorded, mixed and mastered at ”The Gray Studios”, Stockholm in several different sessions throughout 2014 and 2015.
Produced, mixed and mastered by Heljarmadr.

Line up:
Heljarmadr - Vocals, lead guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, fx.
Dimman - Drums, backing vocals, fx.
Maugrim - Backing guitars, bass, backing vocals

Guest artists:
Eldur - Lyrics and vocals on "Ţar Til Eldurinn Mig Gleypir"
Grim Vindkall - Lyrics and vocals on "Helfärd pt. III (Den gamle)"
Panphage - Lyrics and vocals on "I Döden"

Cover photo by Soile Siirtola
Layout by Olle Olsson and Heljarmadr

Official lyric video:

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