We proudly present to you the "I See Death Everywhere" tour! We will be joined by Ars Veneficium and Asagraum (Asasgraum for the first dates only).
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From the past...

"RAMSVARTA TANKAR" single releaseparty in Gothenburg 2017.03.24!

"RAMSVARTA TANKAR" single releaseparty in Stockholm 2017.03.26!

Grá live at Klubben, Stockholm in May 2014. This is a rare and very raw insight into the world of Grá and what we are about on stage. Nothing is polished and no errors left out. A grand thank you to those who were there!

1. Karon Kommer (intro)
2. Döden Ser, Döden Tar
3. Klagan Och Längtan
4. Kraft
5. Necrology Of The Witch
6. Where Shadows Dwell (live premiere)
7. Offerrök
8. Helfärd pt I

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